Antony Gormley
1980 –1981

From the series (Bread Works, 1979 - 2019)

Bread and parafin wax on aluminium panels
Unconfirmed: 280 × 2200 × 1680 mm

"BED started as a drawing. I lay on the floor and my wife drew around me. I made this silhouette into a contour map, making an approximation of the volume of my body divided into two identical halves: mirror images of each other.
The piece is roughly the same size as a king-sized double bed. I began a programme of eating that lasted three-and-a-half months, during which I ate my own volume in bread.
(...) Sculpture has traditionally been about imposing mind over matter by an act of intelligence and will. I was looking for a more natural process, and eating is the primal process by which matter is transformed into mind."
Antony Gormley

Mnemonic Studio
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