Marie Janssen
The Shrouded Furnace Project

A project about cloth as mediator of myster about creating a center in the home - giving presence to the source of warmth, the vessel that tamed and sheltered the vital fire about cloth as the threshold between reality and fiction about the subjectivity of things.

I. Shrouded Furnace 3, ceramics with glittering river sand, 2016 Photo: Steffi Eckelmann-Heller photography shrouded furnace, Kartause tiled stove, ceramics, Keramik, Kachelofe.

II. Shrouded Furnace 1, glazed ceramics, 240 x 140 x 140cm, 2015

III. Shrouded Furnace 5, ceramics with traditional manganese lead glaze, 2017, photo: Johanna FolkmannTuchofen, shrouded furnace, Kachelofen, Marie Janssen, tiled stove, tiled stove, ceramics, Keramik, Kachelofen

Mnemonic Studio
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