Mnemonic Pavillion is an ongoing project that aims to be a platform for research and creation from the territory of the district of Viana do Castelo, valuing its diversity and acknowledging the natural, material and human complexity it encloses.

In a transdisciplinary and transmedial approach, the project is divided into a first phase of creation and conception of an itinerant exhibition space and consequent exhibition, whose form and content are informed by a process of situated research in the territory; and a second phase of construction and implementation of the project in the city.

With the focus on traditional knowledge and the vernacular forms of Minho region, the methodology aims to establish a relationship between the community, the heritage/tradition (territory) and the processes of artistic creation; reflecting on the following question:

But how can one update the perspective on the traditional and the popular in the context of the contingencies of contemporaneity?

In order to establish a correspondence between what is sought and what is presented, this project is convinced that artistic creation offers, to this necessary territory of knowledge, an intelligible recognition and direct action in this reality. The pavilion will not only be recognized as an integral part of the whole of production, but also as an incubation moment for possible future uses.

Partnership CMVC | AO NORTE

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Mnemonic Studio
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