Mnemonic started in 2019, it is established as a common atlas, a project of mutual reference that focuses on the field of arts seeking to map out paths and memories through processes, wills and references that at a given moment assumed their preponderant role in the construction of the collective process.

The platform emerges as a means of showing how interdisciplinary artistic practice can be, contrary to the idea of specialization that is often imposed. Between visual arts and architecture, Mnemonic maps the epicentre of each interference using text, image, drawing and their respective valences.
There is a correspondence between what is thought and what is produced; between processes and their practical translation;
There is a correspondence under which the project is built, the correspondence between the two members who through dialogue construct the idea.
Mnemonic besides the creation and sharing of daily virtual content, develops in parallel artistic projects and independent editorial projects.

A project conceived by Diogo Borges Ferreira and Miguel Teodoro.


Miguel Teodoro (Viana do Castelo, 1997), has a bachelor degree in Fine Arts by the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Univer- sidade do Porto (2019), and had also studied at Akademie der Bildenden Künste em Viena (2018/19). He develops an artistic practice that intersects several subjects, centering his thought in the relationship between body, territory and matter. He Works mainly with sculpture, installation, drawing, engraving and photography.
Miguel Teodoro participates frequently in collective shows and projects, publications, artistic residencies and research projects in Cape Verde and Brazil. He is co-author of the project Mnemonic and member of Coletivo Lab.25.

Diogo Borges Ferreira (Viana do Castelo, 1997), is currently attending an integrated master's degree in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (2015-) and Technische Universität München (2019-2020), and is developing a multidisciplinary artistic practice focused on the theme of space and its circumstances. Establishing correlations between writing, drawing and photographic production seeks a poetic dimension in the intersection between matter and space. He is currently co-editor of the Mnemonic editorial project that intends to map the epicentre of each interference and perceive the mutual references of different artistic processes and productions.


Mnemonic and Mnemonic Studio remain independent platforms for research and artistic production. It is financed exclusively by its production and by its editors. If you want to help the project to evolve you can make a donation.


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